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UnderSite is a collection of utility resources for supporting Web sites. Some of these resources are used directly by visitors, some provide background services, and others are designed for use by Webmasters.

Some of the resources facilitate shared maintenance of Web sites. For example, many people can update a site event calendar with the changes approved by a designated "calendar master." Access can be controlled with a flexible security system. Pages generated by UnderSite adhere to the visual style of the site and are therefore perceived by visitors as part of the site.

UnderSite resources used directly by visitors include

Tools for content providers include a calendar editor, roster editor, archive management tools, metadata management tools, headline editor, and usage reports.

Webmaster tools include site overview, file listing, software update, and access control. The UnderSite Control Panel gives content providers and Webmasters convenient access to all resources.

Instructions and Documentation

For Visitors
Site map
Site search
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Site information
For Content Providers
Form data collection
File management
Data editing
Site information
For Webmasters
Getting started
Resource updates
Site configuration
Key distribution
Site information
For Postmasters
Email capture
Mailing lists
Technical Specifications
Data formats
Release information

Getting Started

The resources described in this site are still
    under development and are not yet available.    

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